This website is administered by clergy and laypeople of the Roman Catholic Institute. We are Catholics, striving to present a theological explanation as complete and precise as possible, of the current situation of crisis of authority in the Catholic Church, not as we would like it to be, but objectively as it is, in sincere adherence to the truth.

The content of this website is destined to be deepened, made more precise, and if necessary even corrected over time, in order to pursue this goal of sincere adherence to the truth.

Constructive questions and objections are welcomed, and may become the occasion of a further development of the website, which is destined over time to gather all the arguments and answers to objections relative to the Thesis of Bishop Guérard des Lauriers. Please see our contact page.

We hope and pray that this website may help Catholics, confused over the present situation of the Catholic Church, to find satisfying answers that account for all of the aspects of the Church’s indefectibility.

We entrust our work to the intercession of the saints, and particularly of the great Doctors of the Church, who have in due time defended the Church against her enemies, affirmed Catholic Doctrine and refuted pernicious errors. We confide in a special way in the help and assistance of Our Lady, the Mother of God, the Seat of Wisdom, to whom we profess a singular devotion.